Welcome to the website for Sohrab Gollogly MD.  I am a fellowship trained board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in outpatient microscopic spine surgery.  My office is located in Monterey, California.  Within this website you will find information about the operations that I perform, my practice philosophy, and my interests in research and international surgery.  We have a state of the art practice in Monterey and a very sophisticated hospital and surgical center.  I have a number of patients who travel to Monterey to have surgical procedures performed and if you interested in an electronic consultation where I review your xrays or MRI scan you may use this site to initiate that process.  You will also find links on this website to the forms that you will need to complete in advance of a visit.

MRI review

If you are sending your MRI scan in for us to review, please send your scan to:


Sohrab Gollogly MD
attention: Jennifer
Monterey Spine and Joint
12 Upper Ragsdale, Suite A
Monterey, California 93940


Please enclose a note with your telephone number so that we can call you after we have reviewed your MRI scan.  If you need assistance obtaining your MRI scan from the imaging facility where it was performed, you can contact Jennifer at jballesteros@montereyspine.com

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cervical microforaminotomy: fusionless cervical spine surgery

This article can be downloaded in PDF form by clicking here: Cervical Microforaminotomy Patient Guide This article has been written in order to address one of the most common questions that we get asked in clinic: “Do I have to have a cervical fusion?”  The answer is, “not necessarily”.  If you need to have a …

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lateral lumbar surgery for the treatment of degenerative lumbar scoliosis and stenosis

Decompression and stabilization of the degenerative lumbar spine using a minimally invasive extreme lateral approach: the XLIF experience Degenerative scoliosis of the lumbar spine is a consequence of the natural deterioration of the intervertebral disks with age.  As the biomechanical integrity of the disk declines, presumably as a result of oxidative damage to the proteins …

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